Fool You Are

by hundred heads

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Hundred Heads is:
Will Wisniewski- guitar, vocals, clarinet, piano
Joe Olson- bass, keyboard, vocals
Dustin Eck- guitar, vocals, chord organ
Keaton Huber- saxophone, trumpet, percussion
Nate Geer- drums, percussion

gtr/bass/drums tracked live at the p space


released July 26, 2014

engineered and mixed by Joe Olson
mastered by Nilo Galang
art by Ian Miller



all rights reserved


hundred heads Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Bed
Bittersweet breaking your bed down
Its crippled frame now a metaphor that's too obvious
Empty space, open to anything that will fit inside.

Calm yourself
All is forgotten
Don't waste your peace waiting to hear from me
'Cause I am whole, cold, and round as the moon now
Not the sun you seek for your days to come
Track Name: Non Truths
We go back and forth
On the existence of all knowing metaphors
And whether time exists outside our consciousness

And where is space but in our minds?

I've been wrong before
Had this explained to me as you walked through the door
And sat down on the floor
And you spoke to my soul
Told me to cry no more

But who are you to look at me?
In microscopes, or in my dreams?

What I know is yours to hold
What I show is yours to know

Give me a moment, this one seminal moment
To return to the light that creates minds
Carefully present in the cold effervescence
Of the only thing that I know exists

What I know is yours to hold
What I show is yours to hold
Use it wisely and grow old
Or pay no mind, do as you're told

Can I see, with my own eyes, non-truths?
Can it be that each sunrise brings all there is?